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David Crossland

Hi, a little bit about me:

I've been working with computers since the mid 70's. I first started 'cutting code' while still at school (BASIC, Fortran and Algol 68 on a teletype linked to an ICL 1905A with George II Operating system). At University I gained a degree in Computing Science (when the subject was still a novelty!) and started work in 1981 with Rank Xerox.

During my time at University and Rank Xerox, I gained much experience with various mainframe computers and operating systems. In the mid '90s, I got to work with my first 'PC' - an IBM XT with MS-DOS and later Windows 3.1 Operating Systems.

In 1997, I tasked myself with developing a website in 6 months, for my athletics club (Windsor, Slough and Eton A.C.). I had it up and running in 3 and later that year it won an award for the best Athletics website. Since then, I have designed, developed and managed several websites (including one of the earliest online Estate Agency sites in 2000, which started using text and email alerts).

The advent of this century saw a growth in personal computing and I now find myself spending far more time supporting the 'personal' computing market, both its software and hardware. I currently work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and during my time with them, I have learnt the value of offering a reliable, trustworthy and timely service to my clients.

... and for the record, I have recently acquired ITIL(v3) Intermediary qualifications in service management and have MoJ NSC SC clearance until August 2020.

David Crossland

... and in case you thought I was just another 'geek' in my spare time,
one of my main pursuits is shown here:

Thank you for reading this. Hope I can be of help to you.

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